Lake Transit to Resume Most Services

State Route 53 is expected to reopen on Tuesday, August 16. Progress is being made to restore electricity and telephone service at the Lake Transit offices in Lower Lake. While there will be some detours and temporary schedules to prepare, it appears that Lake Transit will restore most services on Wednesday morning, August 17.

Detailed route and schedule information will be available Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, the main Lake Transit phone line has been forwarded to a cell phone, and we are fielding calls for information and critical paratransit needs at 994-3334.

We are thankful for all of the hard work of firefighters, utility repair crews, and of our own Lake Transit staff, some of whom continue to work despite losing their homes. We are sorry that some of our neighbors in Lower Lake have lost their homes and cherished belongings. Our hearts go out to you.IMG_2822

Please remain alert. Stay safe. Call 911 if you have a transportation emergency.

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