It’s Time to Get Moving Again! Ride Free!

It’s time to get moving again! Lake Transit is shuttling evacuees home from emergency shelters to “The Avenues” area, east of State Route 53 in Clearlake this afternoon. As roads have opened and evacuation orders lifted in most areas, Lake Transit is resuming bus route operations Wednesday morning, August 17, at 6:00 a.m. Bus fares for all services are FREE through Saturday, August 20. Please be aware of the following detours and schedule modifications due to the continuing impact of the Clayton fire on our operations.

Clearlake and Lower Lake
• Route 10 begins at 6:00 a.m., no 5:19 a.m. schedule.
• Route 10 detours around Lower Lake, and is not operating on Lake Street or Main Street in Lower Lake, or on State Route 53 south of the Lake County Department of Social Services offices at Anderson Marsh.
• Route 11: regular schedule.
• Route 12: cancelled until further notice.
• Dial-A-Ride: regular hours.

Route 1 – Northshore
• Westbound: Schedules departing Clearlake at 6:00 AM, 6:00 PM, and 7:00 PM are cancelled through Saturday.
• Eastbound Schedules departing Sutter Lakeside Hospital at 9:30 AM and 820 PM are cancelled through Saturday.

Route 2 – Cobb
• Northbound departing Middletown at 6:35 AM is cancelled through Saturday.
• Southbound departing Kitt’s Corner at 6:35 PM is cancelled through Saturday.

Route 4 – Southshore
• Eastbound departing Lakeport at 6:05 AM is cancelled through Saturday.
• Westbound departing Clearlake at 5:00 PM is cancelled through Saturday.

Lakeport Area
• Route 8, Southbound schedules departing Sutter Lakeside at 7:16 AM, 7:08 PM, and 8:10 PM are cancelled through Saturday.
• Route 8 Northbound schedules departing Mendocino College at 6:14 AM, 7:55 AM, and 7:45 PM are cancelled through Saturday.
• Dial-A-Ride: regular hours.

These temporary schedule adjustments will allow Lake Transit to recover from the effects of the Clayton Fire. Over the past few days, we have a number of employees evacuated from their homes. Our headquarters in Lower Lake was also evacuated as fire reached the edge of the property (see photos), and we have had no electricity, no water, and limited telephone service We appreciate your patience as we reboot!

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