Management Opportunity

Lake Transit Authority is recruiting for a Transit Manager. Please apply by February 16, 2018. The most qualified candidates will be invited to an interview the week of February 26th, 2018. If you have questions about this job or the hiring process, email Lisa Davey-Bates at To view the Transit Manager Job Description and Information, please go to LTA Transit Mgr Job Description 1-24-18

Mark Wall, LTA’s current Transit Manager, is retiring. Mr. Wall was hired in 1996 during the formation of LTA, and he has managed the development of the transit system as it has grown. Lisa Davey-Bates, the Executive Director of LTA and of the Lake County/City Area Planning Council, has been working with Mr. Wall for several years on the succession plan to provide the smoothest possible transition to a new transit manager. Mr. Wall said, “There are always going to be projects that have to continue during a transition, but I think the transit system is in a good place right now for someone new to take over. In the past year, we have awarded a new operations contract to Paratransit Services who have an experienced local team, we replaced most of the bus fleet, installed a new digital radio system, and have a recent Transit Development and Marketing Plan to help guide staff and policy makers for the next few years. Some of the exciting and ongoing projects that a new manager will get to develop include a new bus stop improvement plan, a new transit hub in Clearlake, a new “Swiftly” software program that is beginning to improve bus schedule reliability, a new “Next Bus” cell phone application that uses GPS to show passengers where there bus is and when it will arrive based on real-time schedule updates, and maybe even an electric bus project that will provide a route connection to Sacramento. This is an exciting time for a new manager to join Lake Transit. It is a beautiful place to work with very supportive local government leadership.”

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