Route 1 Eastbound moves to Highway 20

Beginning Monday, January 12, the eastbound Route 1 buses heading to Clearlake will operate on Highway 20. For many years Route 1 traveled eastbound toward Clearlake on Country Club Drive, and westbound toward Lakeport on Highway 20. Having to catch the bus on two different streets was confusing to many. With the addition of new parks over the past several years along the Clear Lake side of Highway 20, there are new opportunities for Lake Transit passengers to enjoy the shore line park settings while waiting for the bus. The old Country Club bus stop signs are being covered and eventually removed, and new bus stop signs are being installed along Highway 20. You can wait for the bus at the following locations:

  • 2nd Street between the crosswalk and the Alpine Park sign.
  • 5th Street near the fire hydrant in front of California Water Service Company.
  • 9th Street at the new Lucerne Harbor Park bus stop.
  • 13th Street at the entrance to the Community Garden Park.
  • 16th Street at the old abandoned monument sign
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